Computer Consulting and PC Help

It is a beautiful thing reorganizing your computer, for your life.

Selection of the right computer for your needs is very important for today’s tech world to stay connected. Pick up, delivery and computer set up. Education on effective MS Word, email, Internet usage, social media and the backing up of important files. Custom logo design for brochures, business cards and rack cards.

Learn how to properly back up your data, folders, files and applications on your computer so they're sound, safe and secure.

Do you have computer problems, error screens, application failures, printer problems and internet connectivity issues? Dan knows how to help you back to a smooth operating system. He's patient and a good teacher, knows how to explain problems well with solutions so you can learn at your level and get you computing again at your pace.

Dan is quite competent, organized and very creative in graphic design; specifically custom business Logos, business brochures and business cards.

I have 22-years of client based service and I attended Microsoft certification school for two years. Helping people in computing is very rewarding to me!


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Here are some logos I designed for my businesses through the years.


And my latest creation: a conglomeration of all my skills and passions - my favorite!

All Points Organized. Life. Positively in order.